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School Climate Surveys

 We will be focused on restart and recovery planning to prioritize the social-emotional wellbeing of students and educators as a foundation for learning and providing equitable opportunity for all students to accelerate learning opportunities for the next school year.  A school climate survey will add data related to climate and engagement, which will be a great factor in planning around climate and engagement goals needed for the future ready preparation of our students in grades 9-12. 


This data will help us better prepare goals for students, staff and our community moving forward at Lehighton Area High School.  We are providing all students, staff and community members access to this survey over the next few days. 


Please complete this survey by Friday, April 23, 2021.  The survey should not take more than ten minutes to complete and is essential to develop key goals for Lehighton Area High School.  Thank you for your time and cooperation in this process.

Student Survey

Parent/Guardian Survey

Faculty & Staff Survey