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Lehighton Area Teacher Shout-Outs!

LASD Community,


I just wanted to send big shout outs to several of our teachers who are doing great things outside of their classrooms that expand the resources for our school community.


  • Erica Pagotto was selected by The Center for Civic Education to represent Pennsylvania at the We the People: Civics that Empowers All Students national program. Erica will travel to Los Angeles, CA for the Coordinator & Mentor Workshop where she will learn strategies to assist teachers working with students grades 4-8 in classes of 30% or more high-need students. She will bring these strategies back to the region, mentoring teachers in the practice of implementing these strategies in their classrooms. This is a great accomplishment for Erica and a huge honor for Lehighton Area School District to have one of our own representing our state on the national level. Congratulations Erica!


  • Victoria Smurthwaite will be presenting at the Northeastern Modern Language Association Conference in Niagara Falls. She will be participating on a panel discussing the motif of ruins across all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, a result of her graduate studies program. In addition, she will be attending several sessions on various ways to support students in reading and writing in new and creative ways. Awesome Job Victoria!


Both of these teachers will be bringing back resources and strategies to LASD that will in turn benefit our students. Thank you to both for taking the initiative to pursue these resources in your areas of expertise that also benefit our school community.


  • Michael Feifel shared with the LASD school board at the 2/13 workshop meeting an international travel program he coordinates through EF Educational Tours. Mr. Feifel coordinates international tours for students to places such as Greece, Germany, the Alps just to name a few. Each year these trips provide our students with the opportunity to explore the regions of history that Mr. Feifel teaches in his classroom, making history real for our students. Thank you Michael!


  • Kevin Bond, an industrial technology teacher at the HS, was awarded the 2023 Young Grower Award by The Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association (PVGA) along with his wife Morgan Bond. Wow Mr. Bond! Where do you find the time?! Please read the article at for further details.


Both of these teachers take time outside of their classroom to do things that benefit our communities outside of our school community.


As I shared in my mid-year report, one of our greatest assests are our teachers. These four teacher exemplify this. Thank you for all that you do for our students at LASD.


Dr. Christina E. Fish

Superintendent of Schools