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The PowerSchool Parent Portal

This online resource will provide parents/guardians with valuable information and data about their child’s academic performance and progress.

This system allows you to view:

- Attendance Record   How Parents Can Help With Homework to Support Student Independence - Hill  Learning Center

- Grades by Subject

- Test & Quiz Scores 

- Homework Assignments

- Student Schedules

- Announcements


Please be assured that your child’s academic records are secure and private.  Access to this information is restricted by your secure log on.

How to obtain access to the Parent Portal

Website address:

You will need a username and password to log onto the portal.  If you have not received these, please contact the school your child attends to obtain one. If you download the PowerSchool Mobile app it will ask you for a district code. The code is TPTD.

To access the Parent Portal Users Guide,

PowerSchool Access for Parents - The Solanco School District

  Picture from Solanco School District


  • Access the portal periodically – check each subject once a week.
  • Monitor your child’s progress and use this knowledge to show a genuine interest in their academic performance.
  • Use this information as a way to starts a meaningful dialog with your child.  Example:  Describe what you learned?  What did you find challenging?
  • Value what your child is learning more than grades they are earning.
  • Ask your child how often they review the portal.  Share your use of the portal with them openly and honestly.
  • The portal is not a substitute for face-to-face conversations with our teachers.
  • Establish a homework time, review assignments together.
  • Encourage and support goals for your child’s continuous improvement




What to Avoid:

  • Micromanaging your child’s progress by checking the portal too frequently.
  • Communicating grades before the teacher has reviewed them with your child.
  • Overreacting to a less-than-desirable or grade.



Here is a pamphlet you can print out that has all the information on this page
Here is a video you can watch PowerSchool created to help parents