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LAVA (Lehighton Area Virtual Academy)

LAVA (Lehighton Area Virtual Academy) Information

With the anticipated start of the 2021-2022 School Year, there are a lot of options and information being presented to parents and guardians regarding the educational process for their child.  LAVA (Lehighton Area Virtual Academy) is the Lehighton Area School District’s Cyber Program. 

There has been a lot of advertising on radio, social media, and TV for “other” cyber-charter schools.  They are advertising that their school is a “tuition free option”, which it really is not.  Your home district of residence (LASD) has to pay tuition for your student to attend their cyber-charter school.  The Lehighton Area School District pays $12,890.87 per year for ONE student to attend a cyber-charter school.  The district pays $30,394.30 per year for ONE student who receives special education services to attend a cyber-charter school.  This ultimately affects the budget and could result in increasing taxes.

We can offer a 100% online cyber program to fit your child’s needs and supported by district teachers.  Please come and see what the Lehighton Area School District has to offer.  The decision to enroll your child in LAVA vs. another cyber-charter school directly affect you!  So, before you make any decisions, please contact us!  Thank you.

Mrs. Mary Figura, (610) 377-4490 Ext. 1540 or

Mrs. June Potts, (610) 377-6180 Ext. 2426

Please click here to learn more about LAVA (Lehighton Area Virtual Academy).