• The Lehighton Area School District is located just north of the Blue Mountain range extending along the Lehigh River. These natural wonders provide the backdrop for a school district and community on the cusp of significant growth and improvement.

    The District is comprised of four (4) communities which are served by the Lehighton Area School District over a sixty-seven (67) square mile area. East Penn Township is to the south of the town/borough of Lehighton; Mahoning Valley to the west along route 443 and Franklin Township is located on the east side of the river. Together, these communities combined to form a wide socio economic range with residents strongly supporting a high quality education program.

    The Elementary Center was constructed in 2018 to combine four (4) of our previous elementary schools; Shull David, Franklin, Mahoning and East Penn. The Elementary Center includes full-day Kindergarten and house grades Pre-K through five (5). The Elementary Center is unique in that the District also offers a Kindergarten Preparation program which gives extra help to students at the earliest level in a more concentrated setting.

    The Middle School comprises grades six (6) through eight (8) in the renovated high school centrally located in the Lehighton borough. The High School facility built in 1993 is a well-designed spacious facility with opportunities for students of the 21st century. Recent significant initiatives include technology upgrades and a corresponding drive to maximize those benefits to our students.

    The District emphasizes basic skills and equal opportunities as the foundation for our education programs. Curriculum mapping and realignment with data driven best practices form the bulwark of progressive initiative. Lehighton currently employs over 200 professional staff working closely with our approximately 2,500 students.

    There is a strong commitment to provide our students with the best academic and extracurricular programs possible while maintaining fiduciary responsibility to our supportive community.

    The District is always upgrading its Comprehensive Plan as per State guidelines. Although the guidelines have been upgraded regarding technological requirements, they have not affected the basic beliefs of the District and community. Highlights of those beliefs include:

    • Our first priority is to provide a nurturing, safe, and healthy school environment for every student

    • All students, regardless of diverse backgrounds and needs, are capable of learning and must be respected as individual learners developing skills appropriate to their fullest potential

    • Learning is a life-long process that begins within the family and is encouraged through the partnership of all shareholders 

    • High standards and expectations, incorporated with varied extra-curricular programs, provide for a well-rounded education

    • Excellence in education requires time, effort, effective communication, and cooperation by the educational community as well as the community at large

    • To make responsible career and life choices, all students must learn to communicate, collaborate, problem solve, develop higher level thinking skills, and use technology efficiently

    • The development of a strong work ethic is necessary to enable students to become self-directed and life-long learners

    • Students learn best from highly qualified, caring and well-trained educators

    • Through a positive work environment and focused efforts, our employees will make strong contributions to the District’s operational success We encourage you to visit our School District via the internet or in person. Through the positive impact of our staff in alignment with our community we will continue to provide an excellent learning environment for our students into this 21st century.