• This year we will be implementing a new reading series aligned to the Pennsylvania Core standards through a rigorous instructional design.  Houghton Journeys is a leading-edge program providing digital tools and results-driven instruction.  The program has a unique close reading routine that builds better readers while also providing intervention for struggling students.  Journeys has core-based instruction integrated into every unit and lesson, while scaffolding and differentiating to meet the needs of all students.   SuccessMaker will be utilized district wide in grades K-6 as an online supplemental learning tool.  The online program uses adaptive software to match the instructional needs of each student.  The programs difficulty level adjusts automatically, in response to the student’s answers, so the learning experience is not too easy or too difficult.  As always, student data, learning and growth will be studied through our RTII program.  The RTII program will then provide enrichment, on level and remedial instruction.