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         It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our official website.  This website has been prepared in the hope that it will become a valuable source of information for parents, students, and visitors to the site.  This website has been developed to enable everyone to become familiar with our district, curriculum, its policies, and other procedures that are basic for the smooth functioning of our district.  Please take the time to visit our page.  It contains details on important dates and curricular related issues.


         This district has a very long tradition and our staff takes great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment, while at the same time offering a wide array of exciting and challenging academic programs.  The faculty, staff, and administration at LASD are excited to continue our journey toward high achievement for all students. As curriculum director, I am committed to providing the necessary leadership to ensure that our vision of preparing students to meet the multiple challenges they will face in all facets of life becomes a reality!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


    Mr. Tim Tkach


    Assistant to the Superintendent


    610-377-4490 extension 1540

    Fax – 610-577-0032




    Mrs. Amanda Citro

    Confidential Secretary to the Assistant/Assistant to the Superintendent 

    Telephone: (610) 377-4490 extension 1525 

    Fax: (610) 577-0032