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Social Media

Social Media Public Interaction Rules

The district encourages community members to respond to posts and share comments that are constructive and courteous toward the school community. Statements and opinions expressed by visitors to the account do not reflect the opinions of the district. Questions regarding information should be directed to the building principal or to the Superintendent’s office for district-wide information. The district shall review comments and may remove comments which:

  • Are profane, vulgar, harmful to minors or obscene, in accordance with Board policy.
  • Contain threats or contain personal attacks on individuals in the school community.
  • Promote, suggest or encourage illegal activity or incite violence.
  • Promote or endorse commercial products, services or businesses.
  • Contain confidential information.
  • Contain false or libelous statements.
  • Contain hate speech directed at a protected class of individuals, in accordance with Board policy on discrimination and harassment.
  • Contain language that causes a disruption to the school environment or operations.
  • Are discriminatory or harassing or contain comments or imagery that attack or mock an individual due to their real or perceived race, color, national origin/ethnicity, gender, age, creed, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender expression and identity, marital status or religion.
  • Are spamming in nature (same comment posted repeatedly).