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Educational Technology Mission Statement:
The Lehighton Area School District is committed to effectively utilizing technologies to prepare students for graduation, with knowledge, skills and the necessary attitudes to lead productive lives.  As educators, we must equip ourselves with tools and knowledge in order to develop our students for college and career readiness.

Technology Department

Gretchen Laviolette

Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum Development

(610) 377-4490 ext. 1534


Nicole Bjorkman                        

Network Analyst

(610) 377-4490 ext 1522  


Stephen Kalbach

Network Analyst

(610) 377-4490 ext 1521


Kelsey Knappenberger

Network Analyst

(610) 377-4490 ext 4134


The Information Technology Department strives to create an infrastructure that supports the curriculum and administrative objectives of the Lehighton Area School District, assisting all students and staff in research, communication, and learning.