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Communicable Diseases

For the welfare of all students and staff, certain regulations must be enforced when a communicable condition is suspected.  The rules established by the School Health Department are intended to accomplish that.

  1. Pediculosis (Head lice and nits)
    1. Any student suspected of having head lice or nits will have his/her head inspected by the school nurse who will immediately exclude the infested child from school.
    2. The student will then be excluded with written instructions provided to eliminate the condition.
    3. After the student's hair is properly treated and every nit removed from the hair, the student may return to school.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to remove nits from the child's hair.  It is not the responsibility of any district employee to provide lice treatment or nit removal.  If the hair is not nit-free, the student will once again be excluded for additional treatment.  The procedure for re-entry will be repeated until the student presents completely nit-free and may then be readmitted to school.
    4. Parents/Guardians are responsible to provide transportation to and from school until the condition is cleared.
  2. All other communicable conditions
    1. If a communicable disease is SUSPECTED, the parent/guardian should be notified and the child excluded from school.  Following state guidelines, the student will not be readmitted to school unless the family physician/health care provider certifies that the child is not or no longer suffering from the suspected disease.  Examples may include impetigo, infection disease of the skin, pediculosis, bacterial conjunctivitis, ringworm, and scabies.


* Click here for Lehighton Area School District's Communicable Diseases and Immunizations Policy.