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Health Services


The Lehighton Area School District's School Heath Program has as its primary goal, the protection, maintenance, and improvement of the health of the school aged child.  As we work toward this goal, we assist the student to work to his/her maximum potential in school and grow into a productive adult.  

The School Health Program is not a medical care service.  Its intention is to assist the child and his/her family to maintain or promote optimum health through primary preventive service (first-aid, emergency care, counseling, early identification, referral, education, problem management and follow-up).

The School Health Service Department assists the teacher and other school employees with the management of students with physical limitations, provision of a safe and healthy envirnment for all, and establishment of a positive approach to good health practices. 


***To ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, please be sure to update all health and personal information in Powerschool.***