Superintendent Goals 2019-2020



    • Create cost savings report to show fiscal responsibility though a consistent oversight of budget development, implementation and evaluation.

    o   Board will receive an in-depth revenue and expenditure report on a monthly basis (including major budget cost areas)

    o   Implement staffing plans and realignments necessary to achieve budget goals without impacting student programs

    o   Work collaboratively with the Business Manager to analyze revenue and expenditure trends in the district for developing a five (5) year financial plan

    o   Work in collaboration with Business Department to develop a budget for the 20-21 school year that will support district goals and/or priorities while maintaining fiscal responsibility


    Academic Programs

    • Provide leadership and development designed to improve student performance and promote positive academic performance for all students within the district

    o   Provide leadership in major initiatives and change efforts that show academic improvement through student’s benchmark testing results (CDT’s/MtSS/Comp Sci)

    o   Make use of multiple means of communication to report student and/or district progress in all areas of academics

    o   Demonstrate and share knowledge of current educational knowledge/research and best practice that aligns to our current instructional programs

    o   Ensure the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices in an effort to improve overall student achievement


    Administrative Leadership

    • The Superintendent will provide leadership to the administrative team by developing SMART Goals for each individual administration in a specific focus area

    o   Goals will be developed in collaboration with administrator and superintendent

    o   Timelines will be developed to review progress throughout the 2019-20 school term

    o   Each goal will be developed with three indicators/action plan on how the goal will be reached and/or measured

    o   Goals will be developed and documented to allow for a comprehensive accountability system that will include quantitative and qualitative data


     Climate and Culture

    • The superintendent will provide leadership and guidance for developing and improving school climate and culture

    o   Will complete the Pennsylvania School Climate Survey provided by the PA Department of Education

    o   Expand district communications with students, parents, staff and community in an effort to establish partnerships and promoting educational programs

    o   Make systematic and frequent visits to educational buildings and community activities

    o   Collect and analyze data regarding school culture while continuing to promote the School Wide Positive Behavior Programs (SWPBP)